• Commercial Video Reel

This is a compilation of my current and previous work. Eight-Times-Twenty-Five is a video installation based on multiple subtle optical effects and the use of appropriated video footage. Why Are You Crying, a documentary film about Beatríz González. What for Whaddya Mean Art is a documentary film about the National Art Saloon in Colombia. Women of the Amazon is a documentary film for the European Union filmed in the Amazon region in south Colombia. Exiles in Exile is a film about concentration camps in Colombia during the Second World War. Automóvil, a video art work in collaboration with Catherine Cely using archiving materials from the forensic institutions in Colombia. The offering is a set design made for the Gold Museum in Colombia in collaboration with Mapa Teatro. Estocolmo 82-2002 is a video installation in commemoration to the Colombian Nobel Prize, García Marquez. Caribe Espléndido is a short video documentation for the Colombia National Museum. The Magic Flute is a set design in collaboration with Mapa for this famous Mozart´s opera. Carritos or Run-Throughs is a video installation composed by 70 black and white TVs and seven handmade carts.